You've got questions, we've got answers. We have classes and workshops for all skill levels; from beginners, to backyard gardeners, to commercial farmers.


Our farm is located in the heart of redwood country with ocean views of Monterey Bay. Check out our calendar for class schedule.


Aquaponic produce is BETTER THAN ORGANIC! Why? Because an increasing number of pesticides and fertilizers are allowed in CERTIFIED ORGANIC labeling.


Aquaponics, however, relies on a healthy ecosystem of fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria, and does not allow the use of anything that could harm this natural, symbiotic balance. 


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FARMED FISH???!!!! Yuck. We don't blame you. Fish farmers have earned a bad reputation for unhealthy and polluting practices. WE ARE DIFFERENT. 




Local Solutions

For    Global    problems

Fishnet Aquaponics grows fresh produce and seafood, in a closed-loop, sustainable manner. Only natural fish food, sunlight, and water enter the farm. Nothing leaves the farm except wholesome produce and fish.


It's as simple as that.

Fishnet Aquaponics
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Local Food

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A savvy way to grow our food.



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